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Leave Your Tree Trimming To Experts

There are numerous reasons someone may want to trim a tree on their property. Maybe the tree is getting too old and weak, putting you at risk of injury or property damage from a fallen branch. Maybe the tree is sick and needs to be cut down before the disease spreads to other greenery. Perhaps it is too close to a building or power line. No matter the reason you want to trim your trees, this is something that you should leave to the professionals, for a long list of reasons, including your safety and that of the tree.

Expert Input From A Certified Arborist

One of the most important reasons to hire a tree specialist or arborist for anything related to these plants is their expertise. You may think that your tree is healthy and only needs a mild trim so branches are no longer in your way, but an arborist may determine the tree is weaker than it seems. In that case, they may suggest trimming back more than you had planned or even replacing the tree. If you aren’t sure whether or not you need to trim a tree, a professional will be able to evaluate it and the surrounding structures and figure that out for you, saving time and possibly money as well.

Expert input also becomes crucial in the case of a diseased tree. You may not realize that the tree you want to trim has an infestation or disease of some sort, but an arborist can. If you were to trim a diseased tree without knowing it, you may accidentally spread the pathogens to other trees by using the same tools without disinfecting them.

Knowledge Of Tree Trimming Techniques

In addition to their expertise as to whether or not the tree requires trimming and how much, professionals will also be able to evaluate the correct spot to trim the trees. An incorrect cut can leave the plant at a higher risk of disease or infestation or simply weaken it. Between their expert knowledge and years of experience, arborists know exactly where to make cuts for the best results and the health of the tree.

Your Safety

Trimming a tree will almost always require climbing a ladder or the tree itself, which means that safety becomes a concern as well. While you may feel comfortable climbing a ladder, you most likely would not feel comfortable doing so while leaning over and using a chainsaw at the same time. Professionals spend a great deal of time up in the trees and are comfortable working up there. They also know the appropriate techniques to stay safe and have proper safety gear, such as harnesses, ropes, and hard hats. If you are not the one trimming the tree, there is no risk of you getting hurt during the process, unless of course you stand directly underneath the plant during the process against the professional’s advice.

Protect Your Property

Not only will tree trimming professionals in Austin know how to stay safe while getting the job done and encourage your tree’s health, but they also know the best way to protect your property during the process. Many homeowners don’t think about falling branches or other concerns until something damages their flower bed or even their shed. Professionals always plan ahead and have experience protecting everything from other trees to your lawn to your flowers.